Comprehensive Financial Services


Protect your family.  Protect your business.  Protect your wealth.  A solid financial plan includes the appropriate levels of insurance.  We review our clients’ needs for life, long-term care, disability, as well as specific types of business insurance, to ensure they have the proper coverages.  Having the right insurance can also provide creative solutions for college, retirement and estate planning purposes.

We have a strategic partnership with The Downey Group to best serve our clients.  This connects us to a community of the brightest minds in the insurance industry and provides our clients with access to proprietary products specifically designed for the affluent marketplace.

Insurance products and services are offered and sold through The Downey Group, Inc. and individually licensed and appointed insurance agents.

Cozad is not affiliated with The Downey Group, Inc.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is available in a variety of types with a variety of purposes, including temporary coverages that protect your family from the loss of income due to a premature death as well as permanent coverages that provide death benefits no matter when you die and accumulate cash value that you can access throughout your life. We’ll help you identify the right type and amount of coverage for you and your family based on your particular circumstances.

Disability Insurance

In the event you are unable to work, disability insurance replaces a portion of your income to help you support your family, maintain your lifestyle, and make progress on your financial goals while you recover. We’ll help you find the type of disability insurance coverage that’s appropriate for your occupation and family circumstances.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care insurance is designed to empower you in making choices regarding care as you age. In the event you are unable to care for yourself independently, it helps you afford the quality and method of care you want without potentially depleting your nest egg and interrupting the legacy you wish to pass on. It also allows your loved ones to focus on relationship, rather than the responsibility of day to day care. If a long-term care policy is a good fit for you, we can help you weigh the options.


Annuities provide a regular stream of income in retirement that helps protect you from outliving your assets. A large variety of annuity types and structures are available. We’ll help you understand the various types and structures and determine if an annuity is appropriate for you based on your goals and circumstances.


Director of  Insurance

Ray is Registered Representative of M Holdings Securities, Inc. and works with our other financial professionals to make sure our clients have the appropriate levels of life, long term care, and disability insurance.  Helping clients have the right amount of insurance for financial and estate planning is an excellent example of how we look out for all aspects of our clients’ financial well-being.

Ray also helps review and select individual insurance plans, and underwrite policies.  He serves as our general agent, monitoring trends in the insurance industry and maintaining strong relationships with insurance companies.  He also stays abreast of changes in tax law related to insurance.

With more than 30 years experience in the insurance industry, Ray is equipped to address insurance issues for every personal and business need, including estate liquidity, family insurance planning, retirement planning, and non-qualified executive benefits and group insurance plans.

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